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Things Couples Can Do If You're Stuck at Home

No one was prepared for what 2020 would bring. The coronavirus pandemic came, saw, and concurred and changed our lives forever. So much so that there was a time when the world literally had to quarantine. History often repeats itself, only this time history doesn’t seem that long ago. As the omicron variant has continued to spread, we decided to provide all of the couples out there with a few options to consider should another mandatory lockdown occur. Here’s what we came up with.

Work Out Together

Gyms were completely shut down during the last lockdown, which required so many couples to take advantage of working out at home. At-home workouts require little to no equipment, however, for those couples that want to take it up a notch what better way to do so than to purchase inexpensive workout equipment. Concerned about cycling? No problem. Peloton has you covered by setting up payment plans convenient for you and your partner. 2022 is still early so help each other reach those fitness goals lockdown or not.

Break Down Barriers

With so much time together, what better way to get closer with the one you love than to break down those barriers by having those difficult conversations. Yes, it can be challenging to make time for those uneasy discussions, but it will certainly turn out for the better in the long run. Even if you haven’t hit a rough patch strengthen that communication.

Try That New Recipe

I found my partner and me sitting around the house during the previous lockdown and one day we both had a craving for a funnel cake. Had no clue on how to make one, so Pinterest saved the day. We placed an Instacart order (due to the lockdown) for all the ingredients we needed. After about an hour in the kitchen, we had made our first funnel cake! Of course, I’m going to say it was delicious, but the point is taking advantage of that time allowed us to make a new memory.

Couples Virtual Party

Bars, clubs, and lounges alike all suffered from the lockdown. There was no meeting up with your friends to party. Set a time for you and your partner's closest friends and their significant other and create your own vibe! Looking to pregame before the turn-up. Host a quick game session to start things off. It’s simple. Zoom, Alexa, Hookah, Drinks, repeat, and stay out or should I say stay up until it’s the last call for alcohol! And should I mention no need for a “DD,” you know designated driver, because you’re already at home.

These are all just a few options to try should another lockdown occur. Feel free to drop some of your own ideas in the comment section that may help other couples along the way.


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