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Watch the Trailer for Will Smith's New YouTube Original Docuseries 'Best Shape of My Life'

YouTube Originals and Will Smith recently debuted the highly-anticipated trailer for the new six-part unscripted series Best Shape of My Life, which will premiere Monday, November 8 with episodes one and two followed by new episodes premiering daily only on Will Smith’s official YouTube channel. This five-day event from Westbrook Media will be filled with emotion and peels layers to uncover what truly motivates Will Smith while he is pushed to his limits physically, mentally and emotionally.

What starts as a docu-follow about Will’s desire to go from the “worst shape” of his life to a new movie star body evolved into a deeper, darker, and more profound journey into Will’s psyche. Will finds himself questioning the very behaviors that have led to his success and ultimately it’s on this search where his healing can begin, featuring meaningful moments with his family and those closest to him. This marks Will Smith’s second project with YouTube Originals.

As part of his personal commitment to improving every aspect of his health and wellness, Will recently joined the Fitbit family, creating and curating an exclusive collection of whole-health guidance that includes six sweat-inducing, endorphin-boosting workouts and mindfulness sessions in the Will Smith: StrongWill curriculum. From room-shaking workouts to smooth stress-relief techniques, Fitbit Premium members can virtually work with Will and his trainers to get their minds and bodies strong.

Watch the official trailer for Will Smith’s Best Shape of My Life below.

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