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Watch NYLFF's Futuro Digital Conference, the Premier Program for Content Creators of Color

For the second consecutive year, The Quintessential Gentleman partnered with the New York Latino Film Festival to present the 2021 Futuro Digital Conference.

The Futuro Digital Conference is the premier digital destination for Latin, LatinX, and Black creatives to have their voices amplified and share a space for community building, networking, and business development. With a mission to bring conversations from top thought-leaders, executives, and influencers in the digital space, this year's conference was comprised of three virtual panels. The three-day digital conference spotlighted the spaces that have been created by marginalized communities through social media. The platform strategically set out to find social influencers and experts to lend their voices to uplift the next generation of creatives around the world for a virtual experience that is completely free of charge.

Watch the full panels below.

Social Media: The Truths, The Myths and Tips of Going Viral

This panel discussed the career of social media influencers who were first discovered from going viral. Moderated by Justin D. Jenkins, the topics discussed included, how to protect your intellectual property, how to capitalize and monetize your content, cancel culture, social media's algorithm and censorship. The panelists included Chicklet HF, Michael Cox, Myq Success, Vanessa Contreras and Michael “Juan Bago” Diaz.

The Hustle 101: The Business of Being a Content Creator

This panel discussed the key elements of building a brand as a content creator. Moderated by Que Jackson, the panel discussed topics that included strategic partnerships, personal brand vs. business brand, start-up culture, digital advertising, public relations and more. The panelists included Kameron Depaul, Joseph Williams, Karim Lateef and Benoni Tagoe.

Social Activism: Pull Up

This panel consisted of people who continue to use their platforms to bring awareness to social issues. The audience learned about navigating social activism, using their own platforms while remaining authentic, as well as discovering what brought the panelists to do their work.

Moderated by Gaby Fresquez, the panelists discussed topics that included homophobia in Black and Brown communities, body positivity, hate crimes, politics, police brutality and more. The panelists included Dontrelle Inman, Major Nesby and Aaron Warrick.


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