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Snoop Dogg Kicks Off Football Season With Beyond Meat Food Trucks

Your tailgate parties will have something new to add to the menu. Beyond Meat has partnered with Hip Hop Icon Snoop Dogg and Chargers safety Derwin James to bring free plant-based meals to the LA community, in fully tricked-out food trucks. For 6 weeks, starting Friday, September 24th, the Snoop truck will surprise and delight consumers with free dinner at one High school football game per week across the greater LA area.

Starting on September 25th, Snoop truck will visit SYFL (Snoop Youth Football League) games to hand out free food to the community. Snoop and Derwin both designed the looks of their trucks and worked with chefs to design the taste and build of their products. On the menu, there will be DJ Beyond Burger, a nod to Derwin’s playing style making big hits with a double smash burger and Snoop’s Beyond Dogg: a must-have for any tailgate, and a chili inspired by fans cooking in the parking lot before a football game.

Plant-based food partnerships are seemingly growing in the Hip Hop community with recent news of mogul Jay-Z investing in plant-based chicken company Stimulate, and rapper Drake investing in plant-based chicken company, Daring Foods.


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