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50 Cent and Randy Huggins Align the Stars in BMF Premiere

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson has done it again with another drama-filled TV series, which premiered on Starz yesterday. Only this time it will be based on the true story of the BMF empire.

Jackson along with producer, Randy Huggins, appeared at the Cellairis Amphitheatre, Lakewood on Sept. 23, in Atlanta, Georgia for a screening of the new show. The stars were out and the premiere definitely lived up to the hype. While on stage, Huggin’s was sure to explain exactly what Season One would intel, without giving away too much information on the highly anticipated series. “Detroit will be highlighted just as much as the BMF family.” were his exact words. He even mentioned how he’d gone to the prison to speak with Meech and his brother Terry to be sure he got the necessities to present a quality show.

The scene is set as brother’s Meech (played by Big Meech’s actual son Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory) and Terry “Southwest T” (Da’Vinchi) Flenory fight over who can light the stove to boil hot water to take a bath. Terry even has to use the remaining milk that’s left in the bowl that Meech just used. That right there exemplifies what a lot of Black families had to deal with in the late ’80s and even now in some instances. The struggle is never too far behind and the brothers understood that so they took the opportunity to better their situation, even if it meant breaking all the rules. As the premiere continued on throughout the night the audience, which included both fans and cast members, gave everyone several emotions.

A combination of laughter, deep sighs and silence kept us all wanting more as each scene become more intense. Yes, the show is about a notorious drug family, however, there are so many comical moments you wouldn’t even know from the outside looking in. You just had to be there! The Starz drama airs every Sunday with a cast of names you’ll know and love like Kash Doll, Lala Anthony, Snoop Dogg, and even a guest appearance from the Detroit native himself Eminem, among others.

Check out the trailer below.

Photo Credit: Starz


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