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Reebok Launches its Human Rights Now! Collection in Brooklyn

Reebok recently launched their Human Rights Now! collection in Brooklyn, New York. The collection consists of a long-term product platform designed to fuel Reebok’s mission to inspire human rights and human movement.

The Human Rights Now! Collection will include graphics that were inspired by the Human Rights Now! World Tour, which took place in 1988. The apparel will include unisex sizing of footwear, hoodies, snapbacks, shorts, and t-shirts, all branding the Human Rights Now! logo. The definition of “taking it back to its roots” is exactly what the brand is looking to do with its new collection. The emphasis on the year 1988, honors the Human Rights Now! World Tour which raised awareness for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

Reebok is donating $270,000, regardless of sales from the Human Rights Now! Collection, to Rise, a non-profit organization that not only educates but most importantly empowers the sports community with the goal of eliminating racial discrimination, in conjunction with championing social justice and improving race relations across the board.

Broderick Hunter, a Reebok’s Collective Ambassador, spoke about the importance of him being a part of a brand like Reebok, which is looking to not only change the way people in the Black and LatinX community are viewed but also serve as a positive influence and uplift those who want to see change. 

Broderick mentioned that “equality has no age limit,” which is why a portion of the event was dedicated to a poetry session that included both young and older poets who were able to talk about their lives, with the use of their pen, ultimately expressing their thoughts, dreams, and ideas. The event was even headlined by rap legend Black Thought of the Roots. Broderick emphasized that The Human Rights Now! collection “is all about equality, strength, and bringing people together, with the overall message being that we all have the same lineage, blood, and most importantly that we are all family”.

Reebok’s Director, Carmen Andrade Hardaway, mentioned that “our Human Rights Now! collection is part of our commitment not just to be better as a brand, but to do better.” Reebok plans to donate $10 million over the next five years to end racial injustice within Black and LatinX communities through different organizations. This collection allows Reebok to reprise their Human Rights Award Program, which ran from 1988-2007, rewarding young activists seeking change while fulfilling their global mission.

Photo Credit: Anisha


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