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Here's a First Look at Netflix's Colin Kaepernick Series 'Colin in Black & White'

We all know Colin Kaepernick the athlete, Super Bowl playing quarterback, and now most importantly the activist. Colin in Black & White dives deep into who Colin Kaepernick was before the fame. That’s right, Netflix will be delivering a 6-part mini-series directed by Ava DuVernay and a host of other amazing directors. The first look into the series displays images of the actors playing Colin’s adoptive parents who just so happen to be white, Colin Kaepernick on a football field as his younger self while sitting down in a low-lit room looking directly at the screen. Identity, imagination, and attention are three of the many components that will be touched on within the series, according to Ava DuVernay.

Colin Kaepernick has been widely viewed as the villain in the eyes of many, based on his stance against social injustice and police brutality against people of color. Colin in Black & White gives an inside look at how Kaepernick adjusted to living with a white adopted family while growing into his talents on the field. Life after football has not only allowed Kaepernick to stand on the front lines of activism, but it has also given him the voice to say “that what you do professionally should never hide what you feel morally”. Kaepernick hasn’t played football since 2016 after his decision to take a knee during the National Anthem was viewed as disrespect to not only the American flag but also to the troops who currently serve and have served our country.

Netflix has allowed the beauty of Colin in Black & White to be streamed on their platform because it offers an in-depth look at not letting your circumstances dictate your final destination. DuVernay took it upon herself to call the project a “beautiful journey” in a tweet earlier this week. Kaepernick hasn’t slowed down on his decision to educate, enrich, and enlighten all who will listen on ways to improve our justice system for the betterment of the world we live in not only today but in the future also. So much so that next year he will be releasing what he calls a “deeply personal” children’s book through his publishing company Kaepernick Publishing partnered with Scholastic. In the meantime, be sure to catch the series premiere of Colin in Black & White on October 29th on Netflix.

Photos courtesy of Netflix

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