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Common Goes Behind the Scenes of Criminal Justice in New Series 'Justice, USA'

Academy Award, Emmy and Grammy Award winner Common who is also known for his staunch activism towards social and criminal justice, has joined forces with Discovery+ and the Oprah Winfrey Network for a new documentary series titled Justice, USA. The series is being deemed as a 360-degree examination of the criminal justice system. Also joining Common as executive producers are Think Common Entertainment's Tamara Brown, Humanitas Prize finalist Marshall Goldberg ("Life Goes On"), and Emmy award-winning executive producer Mike Tollin who is known for his work on the Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance. In addition, Randy Ferrell will serve as showrunner.

When we read about criminal cases and trials or see them unfold in the media, typically only the surface details are shown. The 360-degree examination approach that the series plans to take offers an unseen insider view. The audience will get to see what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to criminal justice in an effort to help bring better understanding in regards to an often overburdened system. "We never see the behind-the-scenes realities of a system where the average public defender handles 500 felonies a year, where district attorneys determine the fate of defendants far more than do judges or juries, and where excessive bail often destroys lives and families," executive producer Mike Tollin said.

The first season of Justice, USA will focus on the criminal justice system in Nashville. The production was able to gain access to public defenders, district attorneys, jails, and the courts, without restrictions, executive producer Marshall Goldberg explained. Historically, Nashville has faced the issue of unfair prosecution and unjust defense of members of impoverished backgrounds in the city.

"I'm proud of this series because it takes an honest look at the criminal justice system and highlights its need for reform. One of the greatest problems with the justice system is its dehumanization of people. But we have the ability to change that. My hope is this documentary brings visibility and change to the criminal justice system in the most humane way," said executive producer Common.

The series is expected to premiere in 2022 on Discovery +.


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