New Partnership Set to Bring All Def Media to Africa

All Def Media, a Black-owned platform for Black culture content, is set to be available in Africa due to a new partnership between StarNewsMobile and Culture Genesis.

The partnership will result in the platform being shared in Nigeria and South Africa.

“We are excited about our synergetic partnership with Cultural Genesis and the opportunity to introduce its diversified content portfolio directly to African mobile users, an audience of over a billion people,” said Guy Kamgaing, CEO of StarNews Mobile.

“It’s important to note that Black American content has a historical relation with the African continent––we love and are fascinated by it. We are thrilled that Culture Genesis has opened its distribution reach to an eager African audience, and we look forward to a successful partnership.”

While All Def Media, originally know as All Def Digital, gained massive attention through its comedy videos which included “Dad Jokes,” “Great Taste,” “Roast Me,” it's expanded to include even more content based on Black culture.

The platform was originally developed by media mogul Russell Simmons, who sold it to Culture Genesis, the largest Black-owned digital platform with over 15 million fans and 500 million monthly views, in 2019.

The purchase allowed All Def Media to further expand and increase its audience. The platform was able to create more content around comedy, hip-hop, poetry and social justice.