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Kevin Hart Will Experience America's Classic Car Culture in New TV Show

You’ve got to pimp my rideeeeee! How many of you remember that intro of the hit show on MTV Pimp My Ride? Talk about nostalgia from the early 2000s! Well, the MotorTrend Group is using their platform, The MotorTrend App, to team up with comedian/actor Kevin Hart to bring a similar show to viewers titled Kevin Hart’s Muscle Crew.

The show will follow Hart and his muscle crew as they experience America’s classic car culture. They’ll be learning along the way from the nation’s top car builders and attending various car shows and events. The show will also follow the group as they try to upgrade their cars to make them the best and the hottest, they can be. I know that I for one can’t wait to see what this will be like. We all know that Kevin Hart is a guy who makes everything fun all the while making us squeeze our stomachs in laughter. This will be one to check out!

The MotorTrend Group is the largest automotive media company in the world. With a monthly audience of 26 million across all platforms, 110 million social followers, and gaining 1.3 billion monthly hits, the company shines as television’s #1 network for automotive super fans.

The show is set to premiere on July 2nd. Check out the trailer below.


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