Brandon McGhee Created a Six-Figure Business By Helping Creatives

In 2018, businessman and philanthropist Brandon McGhee founded Cre8te Technology. Established on diversity and fueled by limitless imagination, Cre8te is not your average tech company. If you have an idea but need guidance to bring your vision to fruition, this is the place for you. Cre8te Technology assists clients with prototypes, patents, and marketing. McGhee’s team of employees contains developers, coders, engineers, marketers, and project managers. And all to make your dream a reality.

In an interview with QG, he shares his journey in developing a successful company.

"Whether it's applications of AI, whether it's robotic, any ingenious ideas that you have, clients have, our job is to make sure that we bring them to pass for you," McGhee explains.

Despite being mentored by a tech billionaire for several years, McGhee realized that he would need the help of a different kind. Still unsure of how to transform his ideas into plans, he relied on his faith in God. After his mentor retired, he left Mcgee with a team of 20 employees.

“So I'm like, okay, what should I name this company?” he recalls. “And I remember it like it was yesterday. I'm on an airplane, and I looked up in the clouds, and I said, okay, God, I need a name. He said, name the company after me. I'm the ultimate creator. So, name it, create, and watch what I do with it. That's how it came to pass, man.”

When reflecting on essential traits for a founder and their team, he believes communication and hospitality are crucial. His goal is to not only offer stellar customer service but also make the clients feel welcome.

While on the topic of necessary attributes for a team, particularly developers and coders, he adds, "We want to see that you have some ty