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Kyle Massey is All Grown Up in ALLBLK's Original Comedy "Millennials​"

The former That's So Raven child star is back in the spotlight with his new comedy Millennials. The series, which premiered earlier this year on AMC's rebranded streaming service ALLBLK, explores the lives of four 20-something roommates — a business student, a YouTuber, a college dropout, and a personal trainer –—and their aspiring actress neighbor across the hall, as they navigate the ins and outs of being young, finding success, and finding themselves in the city of Los Angeles. The series features a trio of grown-up child actors that include Kyle Massey, Aaron Grady (Everybody Hates Chris ), and Philip Bolden (Are We There Yet?), as well as social media star turned actor, Keraun “King Keraun” Harris.

The Quintessential Gentleman had the chance to chat with Massey about the next chapter of his career, his new show, and the importance of ALLBLK.

Tell us about your new role in 'AllBLK's Millennials.

I play Omar Benson, a young entrepreneur and grad student in his 20s who works for an advertising company. He’s passionate about moving up the corporate ladder but doesn’t make enough to live on his own. To his friends, Omar is the most responsible guy out of the group. He lives with three roommates and is the one that collects rent. He goes through so many obstacles but there’s comedy to everything he does and everyone around him. I loved bringing Omar to life. It was great to play a role where I could be my adult self.

What are you most excited about as audiences watch your new show?

I’m excited for my fans to see me in a new light. I wanted to do something I haven’t done before and wanted to continue to show my fans what I can bring to television. Most people know me as Cory in the House. Omar is the opposite. However, both are money-driven which seems to be a type of character I play. The show is funny, uplifting, and it shows you the day in the life of what millennials are going through today. We bring up real-life issues and tackle them with comedy. Be prepared to laugh.

Why was it important for you to be a part of this show, and the streaming service, ALLBLK?

I’ve been a part of Black television all my life. It was important for me to join forces with ALLBLK which is an all-Black network channel spearheaded by Black and diverse creators. It was a no-brainer for me to join a great network and a great cast. I was excited to join the show because I have known Rugg Williams and Sabina Cabe my entire life. One of my first opportunities as an actor was co-starring with their son Zachary Isaiah Williams on The Parkers, which was literally the first show I appeared on before 'That’s So Raven.' I was eight years old at the time, so we go way back. Zachary and his brother Oren are also now executive producers and the head writers for Millennials, but this is my first time working with Bentley Kyle Evans. I’m familiar with his work, and it’s been incredible working with him.

How have you navigated Hollywood, coming from child-star to where you are now?

I stay in my own lane to avoid the confusion and negativity of Hollywood. I’ve been focused and for the past 20+ years of my career, I’ve stayed busy working.

What have you learned about yourself as you have overcome obstacles you have faced?

If you keep working on your goals, you’ll eventually get there. I tell myself this all the time and it has helped me to overcome many hurdles.

What roles do you look for that usually spark your interests?

I don’t look for a particular role. When I read the script, I know whether or not the role is a fit for me. Right now, I’m focused on elevating my career and starring in action movies, drama, and more comedy. I have no plans of slowing down and want to do a lot more in my career.

What can we look forward to from you? My new movie DUTCH is out in select theatres now. It’s a crime drama with appearances from a lot of great actors. I have a few more projects dropping this year. I’m also co-owner of a live streaming studio in Hollywood where a lot of major music artists have performed live for fans around the world. I’m exploring entrepreneurship and expanding my talents behind the scenes.

Watch a clip of the hit show below, and be sure to tune in.

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