Turned Gentleman: Netflix Tiny Pretty Things' Damon Gillespie

The Quintessential Gentleman kicks off its digital fashion series, Turned Gentleman, spotlighting the new and next wave of cultural disruptors. This series features the rising talents of today who are impacting the world around us. A Turned Gentleman is confident, distinguish, and a rule breaker. We explore their stories through their lenses and learn of the inspirations that have molded them. From their communities and upbringings, they've embraced the culture that influenced their style.

Shirt: Dior | Accessories: Jimmy Crystal NY | Hat: Zara | Gloves: House Of Underwood | Pants: Mercy X Mankind

Damon Gillespie is making a name for himself in the world of television, currently starring on the Netflix show Tiny Pretty Things. As someone who grew up in the world of performing arts, Gillespie is not exactly new to show business. However, with his increased popularity and maturation into adulthood, he has grown in regard to his sense of personal style and fashion. The Quintessential Gentleman had a chance to speak with Damon about this transition, his role on Tiny Pretty Things and the impact he wishes to have on the culture.