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USA Network's "The Rev" Talks Church, Family and His New Show

If you haven't already jumped on the wave, you still have time. The USA Network recently started airing the first season of the all-new show called The Rev, which follows the life of New York Pastor Richard Hartley, his church choir and most of all his loving family. You get to see how they interact day to day with real-life issues, yet still, maintain a strong presence in the church.

I was fortunate enough to speak with The Rev about his journey, his fame, his goals, and his show that all include a twist of his comical personality.

When we got on the subject of how he got his start in the industry, he shares.

It's a bit surreal. I think the surreal part is walking around the house with a piece of chicken in my mouth and I walk past the television and there I am. We don't do the celebrity thing. We are just people doing extraordinary things. We've been touring around the world for years but never thought it would get to this level.

We had the chance to speak on some of the highlights of his journey and how he got his start.

I've been directing choirs since I was 5 years old. Around 25 years old, I got the opportunity to direct the choice in the stageplay Mama I want to Sing and the church put me out for being apart of the play. They were really strict. With the play, we traveled all over the world. I got a reputation for training good choirs. I've done choirs for Mariah Carey, Diana Ross and more.

Check out the full interview below.

THE REV airs on USA Thursdays at 10:30 pm ET


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