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Todd Tucker Discusses the I Am A Man Initiative and the Importance of Black Men Voting

Many are saying that the 2020 election is one of the most important elections of our lifetime. Last week was voters registration day and we spoke with Todd Tucker about his new I Am A Man initiative, created by himself, Anthony Mackie, Omar Dorsey, Kellon Akeem and Kermit Quinn. The mission of the initiative is to encourage men of our communities to join them in a progressive social effort to register to vote.

On how the I AM A Man initiative started:

We're very powerful and at times we don't know our power. We have to engage. We have to be apart of the process. We have to be apart of the change. Myself, Anthony Mackie, Omar Dorsey, Quinn and Kellon that came together to do this. We got to do our part to get people out there to register and make sure that when it's time to vote that we're pushing them to go handle their business.

Here's what Todd had to say about sifting through the fake news.

It's very challenging. You have to do the work. You got to put in some work. You have to research what's going on. Who's running for what? Local offices, all the way up to the President. You got to do some research and read for yourself and not just listen to what you see or hear on the blog or the news sometimes.

On felons being able to vote, he believes everyone deserves a second chance.

For me, everyone deserves a second chance. I even think with felons, after a certain point, we need to erase. You did your time. At a certain point, some of those things that they got themselves into should be erased so that they can start over. As far as being able to vote, I definitely think they should have a right. Their voice should be heard as well.

Watch the full interview below:


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