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The #BLKLunchandLearn Panel Discuss Raising Black Children, Understanding Your Purpose and More

Que Jackson, founder of the #ATLLunchandLearn networking panel, recently celebrated the 6th anniversary by rebranding and introducing the all-new #BLKLunchandLearn, a bolder version of its predecessor. "I felt that it was important to celebrate the 6th anniversary of an event that meant something to me by giving it one of the best makeovers I could imagine. I wanted to increase the visibility of the brand which would allow the stories shared by our panel to reach a wider audience. Adapting to the new virtual world wasn't as challenging as we originally thought, so for the foreseeable future we will aim to bring the best conversation and panelist to you right from the comfort of your home," says Que Jackson.

Over the course of the panel, viewers got the opportunity to hear firsthand stories of how events such as COVID-19 and racial tensions have not only affected them mentally but how it has caused them to adjust their goals while adapting to new work-friendly safety guidelines. Overall, we noticed that despite what some may have experienced over the course of their year, we as a people have always found a way to overcome adversity and that was a common factor among all of the panelists. This year has allowed people to sit back and analyze their life, career and most importantly their purpose, giving them the time they need to adapt and build. With the ladies on the panel being mothers, it was also important to ask about the conversations they found themselves having with their young Black sons and daughters.

This month's panel included Nicco Annan (P-Valley's Uncle Clifford/ Actor/Dancer), Towanda Braxton (Braxton Family Values/Entrepreneur/Singer/Actress), Eric K. Thomas (Founder of The Quintessential Gentleman/Advocate), Shaquita Garcia (Mompreneur/Founder of Modern Housewives Co.), T'Marie (Relationship Coach/Author/Media Personality) and Sean Isaiah James (Publicist/Founder of Vision Works PR & Urban Male Institute for Leadership and Success).

To learn more, visit #BLKLunchandLearn online.

Check out the full recording of the panel below.


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