Award-Winning Show "Giants" Comes to BET+ and Creator Hints at a Movie

Being a millennial is one thing that I can attest to very well. We are the generation that spearheaded technology and came up with new and exciting creations. One thing that people may say about millennials is that we add drama into literally everything. Just like other generations, we have our ups and downs, we fight, we feel oppressed, and we overall experience life as any other person. These truths are portrayed heavily in the Emmy Award-winning series Giants.

Last week, it was announced that seasons 1 and 2 of Giants would begin streaming on BET+.

Giants is a drama series that journeys through the lives of three friends each battling their own inner giants as they navigate adulthood. How many of you can relate?

The good thing about this show is that it relates to us in dramatic ways. The struggles of life can sometimes weigh down on you heavily, but you find a way to get through it. This is what this show is all about.