Are Convicted Felons Eligible to Vote in the Upcoming Elections?

As the nation counts down the days until the 2020 Presidental elections, a lot of topics concerning voter suppression and systematic racial have come to the forefront. More so, after the racial uprisings concerning discrimination against people of color and police brutality.

And as the American citizens continue discussions surrounding these topics, and what the candidates will do to help, the issue of can convicted felons vote has been brought up.

It is an accepted thought in American society that convicted felons cannot vote. However, a few advocacy groups have come out to debunk this notion and help felons regain their right to vote.

The truth is that convicted felons are able to vote, once they finish their sentence (including probation and restitution), and adhere to their state’s guidelines for voter restoration.

According to the Campaign Legal Center, many states have some restrictions on felon voter rights, but most states restore those rights after the person completes their sentence. The center estimates that approximately 18 million Americans with past convictions are eligible to vote, but don’t know it.

In recent news, former NFL player and convicted felon