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[Giveaway] Keep Your Waves Tight with Wave Glyder

Black men have been caring for their naturally wavy hair with a brush, wave grease and a durag. Thanks to Wave Glyder, haircare has gotten simpler.

Licensed barber Perry Petit-Beau brings his 20 years of experience in the industry led him to invent a novel tool that smoothes hair in a hassle-free way and accepts additional oils and moisturizing products at the same time so men can achieve the healthy, frizz-free shine they’re looking for.

  • Each Wave Glyer handle comes with 2 interchangeable attachments designed like the palm of your hand and works with your natural wave pattern.

  • The rubber comfort grips on each side of the handle make it easy for you to “glyde” this smoother through your hair.

  • The Wave Glyder’s resting dock doubles as a holding container for your favorite liquid products. 

  • Apply your product onto Wave Glyder’s attachments and into your hair, keeping your hands clean. 


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