The Black Menswear Organization Provides Positive Images of Black Men Depicted in Flashmobs

Due to the recent uprising against racial discrimination and police brutality, many protests are taking place all over the country to put an end to the discrimination of Black people and police killings in America.

Black Menswear, an organization that aims to improve the perception of Black men through formal menswear, has organized its own version of a protest through fashion flashmobs.

The organization planned a Washington D.C. flashmob at the Lincoln Memorial.

"What we try to do is put a lot more positivity around the Black man through our platform," said NeAndre Broussard in an interview with WJLA ABC 7 in D.C.

The founder of Black Menswear, Broussard hopes to use style as a tool to change the perception of Black men in America.

So far the flashmob has covered Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Tampa and D.C.

"We gather guys together. They're coming in suits. It lasts for about an hour, which is why we call it a flashmob, but what you get from it is the content that comes from it and the power that it has. That's really what drives it all," Broussard said.