Actor Stephen Bishop Talks "Coins For Love" and Says Someone Can Ignite a Change in You

Stephen Bishop is popularly known for his role as the love interest to the self-sufficient yet self-sabotaging Mary Jane Paul on Mara Brock Akil series Being Mary Jane. Stephen's acting credits include Til Death Do Us Part, Imposters, Grey's Anatomy, Fatal Affair, and can now be seen on TV One's latest romantic drama Coins for Love.

Coins For Love is the sequel to TV One's original film Coins For Christmas, which stars Essence Atkins and Stephen. Stephen reprises his role as the thriving charismatic Alec Derby, who has landed the job of his dreams at a national sports television network. But with every success story comes obstacles that seemingly alters your path and for Derby, his path has led him to some loose ends. Coins for Love takes us on an emotional journey where friendships and goodwill are put to the test as two old acquaintances' love for each other becomes entangled with their past.

Here's what Stephen had to say about taking on the role of Alec Derby and how past acting gigs like Being Mary Jane have shaped the world's view of him as an actor.

After watching the film, Stephen wants the audience to know that his character Alec is evolving.

He was a superstar NFL player but he's not just the stereotypical athlete. He's capable of growth and he wants to grow. He's evolving. I think a lot of it has to do with meeting Madison. I think everyone in life has that person that sparks a change in you, one way or another.

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