Why Black Wealth Matters in White America… and What Blacks Must Learn to Survive this New Economy

The general population, otherwise known as the 99%, have a love/hate relationship with wealth. They resent those who have it but spend their lives attempting to get it for themselves, all the while self-sabotaging that effort in ways that are avoidable if they knew the rules of the rich. Yes, the rich have rules. The reason most individuals, and certainly the majority of Black Americans, never accumulate any substantial savings is because they do not understand the nature of money and how it works. Much of this lack of understanding and lack of access to financial education comes down to systemic racism that has been passed down from generation to generation within the black community. Most Black Americans, throughout American history, were shut out of our financial system, thereby not gaining the access or opportunity to accumulate wealth or an understanding of money that could have been passed down through the generations. Well, the time to start is now. More generational wealth means more societal influence and less vulnerability to the ills of civil rights infringements. In short, wealth equals life. Our very survival depends upon it.