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Star of "American Soul" Christopher Jefferson Talks About Black Lives Matter and More

Actor and singer Christopher Jefferson recently spoke to our Editor-in-Chief Eric K. Thomas about supporting Black Lives Matter, first learning about his fate at the end of the first season of American Soul and more.

On why Christopher Jefferson chose to support the Black Lives Matter movement by going out and protesting, he says:

I wanted to be in the field. I had so much built-up frustration and anger. I've been in situations like that before. I just felt like I needed to get out there and express that hurt, that pain. Especially when I have people following me. I want to show them that it's okay to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk.

He believes that Black actors have the responsibility to speak up for social injustice.

Of course. Anything that helps. When you get in a position where you have a voice, you have to use it. Especially for your own people. It's going to help out your younger generation, your kids, their kids. I feel like they should. Absolutely.

At the end of Season 1 of American Soul, JT gets stabbed. Chris reflects on reading that for the first time.

I was like daaaaang. I was kind of hurt. When you play a character for so long you start to care about them. For JT, I wanted to see him have a happy ending. When they said that boy got throw in the trunk, I was like "aww man".

Check out the full interview below.

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