10 Things Every Man Should Know, Own, or Be Able to Do?

James Brown said: It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World, but in this man’s world only few are true gentlemen. There is a supply shortage of TV shows, articles, and books dedicated to the advancement and enhancement of men’s lives. We have very few guides for what the perfect gentleman should entail. No one is telling the men what to wear, eat, or how to conduct himself. Men are left to their own devices in life. Here’s a list I complied of a few things all men should know, do, or own to become the perfect gentleman in this man’s world.

Own a black suit:  There isn’t any other clothing essential more prominent to a man than a plain black suit.  Oh, the many places a single black suit can take you.  First of all, the jacket alone will do wonders for your wardrobe.  The black pants are the bonus. There are many ways o