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Wynton Harvey Debuts Photography in Atlanta

Last night, Wynton Harvey, son of Steve Harvey partnered with Swoox to host his first photography showcase in 7 years. Realizing at a young age that he had an interest in photography, he’s spent his teenage years perfecting his craft and now at the age of 20, he decided it was time to share it with the world. Supporting him were friends, family, and art lovers including his mom Marjorie and sisters Brandi and Karli who all cheered him on as he made his debut.

“I feel like my work is very recognizable based on the style even if my work isn’t apart of the same series or has the same theme as another piece of work, I feel like it all looks similar and cohesive. If you notice a lot of my work has vignette around the edges. I’ve been working on some signatures that will set me apart from other photographers. I think it’s unique and I think the way I’m capturing images works for me” says Wynton.

To view more of his work, check out his Instagram.


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