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Vanderbilt University Rape Trial Pending

A trial date is potentially being sought for a third ex-football player Brandon E. Banks of Vanderbilt University who is charged with rape according to The Tennessean.

Already, felony charges are pending while two other former football players have been sentenced to prison. However, Bank’s lawyers have been working on a plea deal to avoid another trial.

Still, on Wednesday, Nashville District Attorney’s Office spokesman Ken White said prosecutors would ask to set a trial date, which may be June 17.

“We’ll get a  trial date, but we’re still be discussing possible settlement,” Banks said.

Nashville lawyer Jim Todd, said setting a trial date means the discussion, in fact, may not be successful. But it could be a negotiation tactic.

“It means that the state’s plea bargain offer, and the defense’s plea bargain offer, are very far apart, and it does not appear they will be closer together,” Todd said.

On June 23, 2013, an alleged sexual assault happened, and four former players were charged in the rape. Cory Batey and Brandon Vandenburg are serving 15 and 17-year prison terms respectively.

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