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UpscaleHype Co-Founder Allen Onyia Named Artistic Director at True Religion

Fashion brand True Religion has announced that Allen Onyia, co-Founder of UpscaleHype has joined the company as Artistic Director. Onyia was named “Menswear’s Most Important Instagram Account” by GQ in 2018, being characterized as having “a spidey sense for what’s trending” (Wolf, Cam. “How UpscaleHype Became Menswear’s Most Important Instagram Account” and has established a rep as a tastemaker in streetwear fashion circles.

In his new role, Onyia will innovate modern and elevated streetwear for True Religion, which has roots in the aesthetic. His plan is to apply the same ethos to design as he does to his platforms – “look good, feel good and be a part of something.”

“I have always admired True Religion as an iconic brand with deep roots in the streetwear category,” says Onyia. “I am thrilled to join the team and bring my vision to reestablish a brand people can associate with, in this new age of streetwear” “We have been driving towards this watershed moment since I joined the Company,” said CEO Chelsea Grayson. “I am excited to work with Allen to return True Religion to its rightful place among streetwear leaders.”

Allen Onyia


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