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Up Your Man Cave Game With These Essentials

The man cave is the quintessential relaxation zone where the couch is comfortable, blackout curtains are part of the design, and great sound reigns supreme. It’s not uncommon for man cave enthusiasts to spend top dollar on these man dens, and some even upward of $10,000. While modern buildings rarely include the man cave in the initial design, it’s quick work to convert an existing space into the ideal spot. Once the space is available, it’s time to fill it with enviable trophies, rusty collectibles, and perhaps even some driftwood logs collected along a beach ten years ago.

Include The Items You Love

You live in a perfect house on a perfect street with perfect finishes and fittings, just like you wanted. The only problem is, your French-cottage-by-the-sea look does not really accommodate your Star Trek collectibles, vintage pinball table, or that leather lounger that was passed down from your grandaddy. These items need a home of their own and there is no place better than a man cave. Not only do these items add to the joy of the room, but a touch of nostalgic reminiscing too.  

You Deserve A Splurge

According to a survey, the items that got the most amount of votes for the ultimate man cave were sound systems at 47% and multiple TVs at 42%. Whether this was to catch the latest game of football on a Sunday or simply sit back and enjoy a multiplayer videogame, the requirements are the same: gear that can provide ample sound and visuals. Also, if you enjoy a good cigar, check out these cigars for sale. On the days that your wife has freedom to enter your humble man pad, this space can quickly transform into the ideal Netflix-binge-watching-zone.

Keep It Comfy

Nothing kills your relaxation game faster than a chair that leaves you feeling like you need a session of physio to recover. Invest in couches that are comfortable yet easy to clean and an ample supply of footrests for those who like to keep their feet up. Other things that improve the comfort of your man cave include great lighting and temperature control, along with some sound insulation. The latter, however, might be more to the benefit of your household.

Allow Your Inner Tailgating Fantasies To Come To Life

When you’re surrounded by your favorite keepsakes, great company, vibey entertainment, and comfortable furnishings, you simply need to top it up with your favorite food and beverages. Beer for game days and wine for those philosophical discussions around a cigar or two. But if you really want your man cave to pop, it should include some tasty grub. A snack station, beer keg, and mini wine cellar should all be on the list of considerations. A wet bar is an essential addition as it includes a mini-fridge and running water, which means fewer trips to the kitchen while the game is on.

The man cave should be the ideal, occasional treat and should be a place of relaxation. Allow the wife and kids in at your own peril.

Written by Jennifer Dawson.


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