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Turned Gentleman Featuring Ceaser Emanuel

Turned Gentleman is a platform created to allow individuals to experience our process of rejuvenating and invigorating one’s own personal style. This segment is what we call our process of transforming a man into a gentleman. Our subject’s are public figures who are in search of a style that matches their new level of success, sophistication, and confidence.

This inaugural feature of Turned Gentleman will showcase VH1’s “Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser Emanuel. The show has been a commercial success for the network, as it is the original and most popular of the franchise.

We took Ceaser to Knot Standard, the home of luxury suits, for a custom fitting. The styles we chose for him were inspired by his hometown of New York City. The rich olive green hue of his Holland & Sherry tweed jacket is symbolic of the city’s rugged terrain, while both Grey Sharkskin and Check Suits represent the glitzy art deco skyscrapers of the city. They convey the perfect balance between power and sophistication; and are perfect for any occasion.

Take a look at Ceaser’s transformation.

Ceaser Emmanuel 6
“It’s all about how you present yourself and with Black Ink its all about presentation”
Ceaser Emmanuel 5
“People have to understand that when you go from a worker to a Boss, you got to dress like a Boss”
Ceaser Emmanuel 4
Ceaser Emmanuel 2


Photographer – Cyoer Photography Fashion Stylist – Mickey Freeman Videographer – The Industry is Watching Clothing – Knot Standard Editing – 1026 Media


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