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Three games to watch on Week one of the NFL Season

The Preseason has concluded and the NFL season is knocking at the door. Get the chips and dip ready, call Dominos, or… just go to a bar and hang out. Regardless of where you find yourself on Sunday there a few games that you might want to give a look before you make a decision on what you’ll be doing. Of course, depending on where you’re watching will impact the accessibility of certain games.

There are a few games you should check out, the majority of them being early. Here are a few that were considered but didn’t make it.

In Consideration:

Eagles at Washington 9/10 (1 P.M)

Buccaneers at Dolphins 9/10 (1 P.M) (Rescheduled)*

Chiefs at Patriots 9/7 (830 P.M)

Game1: Raiders at Titans 9/10 (1 P.M)

(AP Photo/James Kenney)

The Raiders made the playoffs last season with Derek Carr riding the bench and weren’t able to recover. The Titans are the young up and coming threat in the AFC South that’s wide open. The Raiders and Titans are two exciting young teams that may be one/two year away from competing for a championship, but that doesn’t hurt the excitement around the team.

The Raiders will have Marshawn Lynch in the backfield and Kalil Mack on defense the Raiders will put the pressure on Tennesee. In their last season as the Oakland Raiders, this season has a chance at being a dud with Carr coming off a broken leg.

The Titans have been declared ‘good’ by most fans, so when they go 8-8 and scrap their way into a playoff spot behind a moderate pass threat and ground game, let’s all make sure the friend with the hot takes doesn’t talk himself into betting on the Titans to win it all. We could turn him onto web guides with the latest NFL odds and tips instead.

Even if both of the teams are ultimately average this season, the Raiders were one of the best teams in close games last season, and that has a tendency to lead to an enjoyable watching experience.

Game 2: Seahawks at Packers 9/10 (425 P.M)

(Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

If you’ve watched the NFL the past few years the Seahawks and the Packers should feel like familiar faces. The role players may have changed the core, but for the most part, it has stayed the same. Aaron Rodgers and Russel Wilson throwing ridiculous rolling passes, somehow finding a way to make the game interesting down to the very last play. Seattle possesses one of the consistently great defenses in history. Green Bay has been something of a screen door on defense but the two have still put together great matchups. lists both the Packers and the Seahawks at top four in their pre-season power rankings. Just another installment in the ever growing history of these two great teams.

Game 3: Steelers at Browns 9/10 (1 P.M)

{USA Today}

Yes, there are two games at 1. However, this one may be less aesthetically pleasing. I have a simple solution to the dilemma with watching two games at once…just buy two TVs…

This game is exciting for the team’s history and their future. Cleveland has the makings of a team with a bright future. Chalk full of rookies of lead by Myles Garret, Cleveland will have another lackluster season. However, Garret, Jabrill Peppers, David Njoku, and DeShone Kizer* all taking the field for the Browns is exciting.

Not that anyone feels sorry for Cleveland, but it’s about time for a positive spin for the Browns. The Steelers, on the other hand, could care less about the excitement of the Browns rookies. James Harrison and Ryan Shazier are going to try to annihilate the hopes and dreams of a week one win for Cleveland. Le’Veon Bell and the return of the Steelers wide receiver core with Martavis Bryant and Antonio Brown the Steelers might put up close to 50 points on Sunday.


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