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The Yankees and Dodgers Have Set Themselves on a Path to November

On an unusual trade deadline, the frame work of MLB was shifted by two trades. Presently, both teams are sitting in first place with the Dodgers having a little more breathing room to work with.

Although, both teams managed to drastically improve their rosters and most of all their playoff rotations. With the Yankees adding Sonny Gray and Jaime Garcia, and the Dodgers adding Yu Darvish.

For the Yankees

The Yankees are already an offensive juggernaut, being within the top five in every major offensive category. They also happen to have the best Era in the AL through the first six innings. Adding Sonny Gray only bolsters their already competent rotation. With solid relievers that may need a break, Gray will be able to give the rest of the staff the ability to rest going into fall.

In comparison, the Boston Redsox have been a massive disappointment and opted to make small moves at the deadline. After being so eager to compete now and make moves to win now early in the season the Sox were either outbid or played it safe. Additionally, they had an opportunity to compete with the Yankees at the deadline and they instead grabbed Eduardo Nunez and Addison Reed.

Two respectable players but not enough to when your a second place team trying to catch up to a team in the Yankees that made many moves to improve as anybody.

Baseball is half talent half momentum and the Yankees now have both on their side with the Sox and the Astros physically falling behind.

For the Dodgers 

Well considering the new World Series odds for the Dodgers are 11/4 post-Yu Darvish trade, it’s clear that the Dodgers chances aren’t considered slim.

While being the most consistently good team of the past five seasons, the Blue & White haven’t had much post season success. With young bats powering the offense and Clayton Kershaw with the best pitching staff in baseball the Dodgers just added another ace.

Darvish will no longer have to fill the number one role he had in Texas and as a two or even three in LA. He will be one of the most dangerous pitchers in October. The Dodgers managed to space between them and their fellow west competitors while not blowing up the farm make the Yu Darvish trade the best made all year.


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