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The QG 2017 Swimwear Guide

It’s Memorial Day so you know that means summer is rapidly approaching and beach season will be in full effect. From the beach to the pool party it’s no longer about a pair of basic trunks that you just throw on. Gone are the days where swimwear lacked style. Men want their “water wear” to be as fashion forward as a head to toe outfit. We’ve put together a list of some of the hottest swimwear looks for summer 2017.

First, we want to start with the LA-based Eyegasmic swimwear brand. Eyegasmic is described as a “premium swimwear brand exclusively designed to be worn by the world’s sexist men” and after reviewing the line we understand why. Are you trying to be the best dressed at the cabana or on the sand? If so, we definitely suggest this brand. Their Fruits of Labor Collection offers mid-length regular fit swim trunks as well as briefs. The collection was inspired by the colors of tropical fruit and flowers from around the world. The six colors are vibrant and range from the Yellow Heliconia to the Purple Orchid. The colors also compliment men of all skin shades. Confident and sexy men this is for you! Prices range from $47 to $57 USD.

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Moving away from the west coast and heading east, North Sails brand is another great option for all things swimwear this summer. The brand offers traditional swim trunks in a variety of prints from flowers to stripes. This swimwear is definitely for your traditional man who wants to keep it simple but also wants you to notice him at the same time. Their “logo swimsuit” offers a nautical vibe which is perfect for any yacht or boat parties. They also have a nylon trunk which looks easy to wear yet sophisticated at the same time. It’s also available in several color options. Prices range from $20.99 to $56.25 USD.

Rufskin, another California-based brand has a variety of swimwear options that all lean toward the sexier side. The swimwear is offered in six different categories: Marine, Africali, Reef, Screen, Solids, and R-Swim. The two categories that caught our attention was the Marine and the Africali. The Marine offers four looks in blue and white. These looks are crisp and fresh with a sailor’s motif that is definitely going to get some attention. The Africali offers six looks with an animalistic vibe. The black and white zebra print stripes are accompanied by green leaves on three of the looks which range from trunks to briefs. If you’re going for wild and daring you might want to check these items out. Prices range from $46 to $92 USD.

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LASC is located in West Hollywood and has something for everyone. Their swimwear comes in briefs, square cut, and trunks. What we liked about LASC was the wide range of options that the brand offered. The “varsity swim trunk” is fun and comes in different styles and colors. The “Laguna” swim trunk is another stand out that has a couple of cool prints ranging from daisies to zig zag stripes. Prices range from $54 to $78 USD.



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