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The New No-Frills Essential Jean from Revtown

Slim boot, carrot-fit, skinny, slim, slimmy, faded, ripped – the list of potential options for denim fits and styles goes on and on (and on). Wardrobes can have their challenges, but picking out a reliable pair of jeans shouldn’t be. With two fits, four colors and one price, Revtown boasts a philosophy of bringing simplicity and functionality back to denim.

Forged in our own Rust Belt, Revtown was created to the end of providing “incredible quality and straightforward fits at a ridiculous price,” according to their website. Their entire denim lime is crafted from their proprietary Decade Denim, born as the result of a collaboration between Italian denim mills and performance apparel designers, which is infused with a four-way dynamic stretch to flex where they’re supposed to and never where they’re not. To cut out the middleman and keep prices low, Revtown sells directly to the consumer; and at $75, the price point and material quality of these jeans are hard to beat.

In the spirit of keeping denim simple, Revtown jeans come in two distinct and well-received fits: Automatic and Sharp. Aptly named, the Automatic fit is more relaxed and tailored as a grab-and-go jean, while the Sharp fit is more form-fitting and sleek for a refined, night-on-the-town or day-in-the-office look.

Revtown jeans on walking male model

To help their customers end up with the right threads for them, Revtown’s website features a Digital Tailor measurement assistant. The Digital Tailor takes your measurements and body type into account to let you know how each size will fit your body, making picking out the right pair of jeans a breeze. To further ensure a proper fit, Revtown includes all of those in-between sizes that most designers don’t bother producing.

To supplement their denim selection and round out their inventory, Revtown also has a handful of shirts to choose from. Pair your new jeans with one of their tees, crews, v-necks, henleys or polos for a casual, effortless and comfortable look. Shirt and jean purchases can be combined in one of Revtown’s Crates. The Revtown Crate includes any two pairs of jeans, any two shirts, and a bonus crew or v-neck tee for good measure. At $225, the Revtown Crates are too good a deal to pass up.

To learn more about their products, limited run offers and snag your next pair of go anywhere, do anything jeans, visit Revtown’s website.

Images courtesy of Revtown.


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