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The Luxuries Of A Weekend In The United States’ Biggest Cities

New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles are all among the top seven most visited cities in the nation. These cities are filled with all the amenities you are looking for on a guys trip for a weekend. From the nations top nightlife spots to the best designer shops and beautiful women, these cities are perfect for living the high life with your male buddies.

The East Coast powerhouse

New York City is nicknamed ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ for a reason. This city has activities and excitement at all times of the day or night. With Broadway and Times Square being the traditional socialite hubs, Soho and its designer shop lined stone streets have become a favorite of the biggest stars and celebrities of today. Soho is arguably the biggest player in the U.S. high-end fashion industry and boasts leading stores for international brands like Bape, Supreme, Gucci, Saint Laurent, and more. If you want to look the part of a very important person, Soho and NYC are stop number one.

The Titan of America’s heartland

Chicago sits almost directly in the middle of the United States. As the nation’s third biggest city in one of the most beautiful regions in the Great Lakes, the city boasts classic urban attractions along with beautiful views and scenery. The Gold Coast/Old Town neighborhood is the perfect example with its stunning lake views and million dollar condos once housing Oprah Winfrey herself. This neighborhood was also home to Hugh Hefner’s first Playboy mansion. High-end designer fashion boutiques, chic bars, and beautiful women are commonplace. With Chicago even playing ‘Gotham’ in Christopher Nolan’s ‘Batman’, this city offers all the classic experiences expected in an urban paradise.

The Western Frontier

Los Angeles is arguably the most beautiful big city in America and happens to be the center of the entertainment industry. From the breathtaking views in the Beverly Hills to the amazing shops and boutiques of Rodeo Dr. and the culture of Hollywood; L.A. is the epicenter of high life. Places like The Grove and the Hollywood Roosevelt are often frequented by the world’s biggest celebrities, athletes, and entertainers. Even sporting events bring out the stars as Los Angeles Lakers home games sell-out instantaneously and celebrities are often occupying floor seats. Los Angeles’s weather and high-class citizens make it the go-to location for a taste of super-stardom and luxury.

Make your move!

If you’re looking to spend a weekend trip living life like the rich and famous, New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles are three of the best places to fulfill your wildest expectations. New York’s fashion trendsetting and fast paced environment make it the most visited city in the U.S. every year. Chicago’s lake views and uber-rich neighborhoods are favorites of America’s most influential people. Los Angeles and its reputation as the city of glitz and glamor are in fact very true. It’s time for you to go out and see for yourself!

Photo Credit: Lance Anderson

Written By: Jennifer Dawson


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