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The Laidback Allure of Anthony Ukaogo Jr

Webster describes “lifestyle” as “the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc., that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group”. Lifestyle enthusiast Anthony Ukaogo Jr has certainly made a name for himself by influencing others by living his best life. People get the opportunity to follow his life through fashion, travel, food and drink. He wanted to share some of the highlights of his journey with us.

Who is Anthony?

Anthony is an ambitious guy. I believe in hard work over instant gratification. Speaking my goals into existence has always been the way I’ve lived my life, so any occupation that I’ve had in the past or have currently, it’s been strictly from that.

What is Laidback Allure?

Laidback Allure is a lifestyle and hospitality collective inspiring well-curated living through brand partnerships, events and consulting services. The collective is comprised of four gentlemen including myself, and we aim to create tasteful experiences for the community.

I met you years ago in Atlanta and since then you have relocated to Seattle. What brought about that change and What have you learned about yourself since the relocation?

I honestly came to Seattle for work. The tech industry is extremely prominent here compared to the opportunities in Atlanta. I never came here for the lifestyle, fashion, media,entertainment/ nightlife, etc. All these things, of course, are way more established back home. But as they always say, if you don’t see an opportunity, create it. Being here, I’ve learned about the importance of rest. I’m involved in so many things that sometimes I forget to just take a break. Whether it’s just staying home and watching Netflix or taking a nap, just giving myself some time to recharge is vital for my health.

How did you make your mark in the lifestyle industry and your current city?

It started back home in Atlanta. I constantly surround myself with things that I’ve coined as “lifestyle” for me: luxe places with smooth ambiances like lounges and hotels, a man’s etiquette in social settings, nice clothes, education, etc. Anything that was progressive in that aspect. When I came over here, there was a lot of things I did alone. I went to dinner alone, even bars. With events, I had to really do the research, attending several events in different areas around the city just to study the market and figure out what works and what doesn’t. From there, it was about applying it to what I know and creating spaces to act out these experiences that I’ve encountered or yearned for.

What is one thing you are looking forward to accomplishing?

So my dad is building a house in Nigeria. Before he considers actually moving back home to retire and persuade my mom, I’d like to be able to show them all the stuff I’ve done here from both business and personal perspectives. I’m hoping to be well off so I can take care of them the way I’d like to. Hopefully, it makes them reconsider that move or push back their tentative date for that move.

What motivates you?

My parents’ hustle, my role models, my peers that are actually out here working hard for what they want out of this life. There are so many things that motivate and inspire me. I watch so many interviews from different people in different industries. After watching them, I get so overwhelmed with joy because I can see myself in that aspect, and that’s powerful.

What is it that you hope to accomplish with the Laidback Allure brand?

I want Laidback Allure to be a household name. If you don’t know my name, then you at least know the brand’s name and vice versa. We work hard, and I understand we have so much more to do. The respect will be there. Period.

Being a Quintessential Gentleman, what does that mean to you?

It means everything. Sometimes I don’t give myself enough credit because I don’t want to become comfortable. When other people see it and recognize that I work hard for everything, then it’s a good reminder to myself that I’m doing good. With QG, it’s humbling. You were amongst the first people to really see me speak these things into existence as a young cat. I never forgot about those opportunities, so with that being said, thank you for the lessons, the words of wisdom, and of course, for this opportunity to share my story with the world.I’m just living my life intentionally. I’ve tried to make sure that everything I do, I’m doing for myself first, before anything else. There’s so many people out here getting paid to be someone they’re not, advertising things they don’t really like. With me, people can see that my actions are genuine. I’m the same guy both online and in person. I talk about things that I’m passionate about, constantly. That’s what people want to see and I’ll continue to be an advocate for that.

For more information visit Laidback Allure online.


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