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The “Fourth Quarter” for Jahmar Hill

2018 has been a great year for some, especially for the filmmaker Jahmar HIll who recently released his new film Fourth Quarter. Jahmar shared a little insight into the film and himself. See what he had to say below.

What is your process when it comes to releasing your creativity? My process when it comes to creativity is always starting with an idea and vision. Then having a budget for the movie. After filming and completing the movie, I pitch it for distribution.

Fourth Quarter is released. Please tell us more about the movie and your journey to make this film happen. Fourth Quarter released Dec 21st in selected theaters In New York. It is about a girl coming to a new school and the most proper kid befriends her and she later falls in love with him. Not only does she become obsessed, but she also starts to kill close ones to him. The journey of making this movie was fun. I got to shoot it at the most legendary school in Paterson, NJ, Eastside High, where the famous movie Lean on Me was filmed. Not only that, I made it with close friends who became family. 

Being a young black male, how important is it to be a positive male influence to people you know and those watching from afar? Being a black man, it is important to be a positive male influence because I was born and raised from nothing. I come from an area where we were born to be in a system to fail. Once I found my gift as a film director, I made a promise I would change lives with my films and help others. 

What can we expect from you in 2019? 2019 you can expect a lot. I am releasing a few new movies and a TV show which is looking to get picked up by HBO. I recently directed a movie titled Lethal Procedures written by Adam Howell and starring Tyler Perry’s own, Cocoa Brown and HBO’s The Wire, Hassan Johnson. I also have a big movie that I am directing in the beginning of 2019 in Atlanta. So I’m excited for the new year. 

Fourth Quarter is available on Amazing Prime Video here. Check out the trailer below and connect with Jahmar on Instagram


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