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Sunglasses for Every Face Shape

Your face shape is the number one determinant of sunglasses to wear. Commonly, you will find a sunglass look so awesome on someone only to try and look like a scarecrow reincarnate. It is not that your face is way off; you had most probably gone for the wrong one for your face shape. Still, there are Layoners sunglasses for every face shape.

Here is how to choose the right sunglass for your face shape:

What is my face shape?

Most people don’t understand their face shape. That is why they are prone to going wrong when choosing sunglasses. There are four main face shapes; round, oval, circular, and heart face. Take a look at a mirror or a picture with your image to determine your face shape.

Round faces come with a softer angle, broad forehead and jaws, and more full cheekbones. If you have wider cheekbones with a narrow jaw and forehead, then you have an oval face. Triangular faces have wider foreheads with regularly narrowing cheekbones until the jaws. Lastly, if you have a square face, then your forehead, cheekbones, and the jaws are all broad.

Best Sunglasses for your Face Shape

Once you have determined your face shape, it is now the ideal time to delve into the business of choosing perfect sunglasses.

If you have a round face, then steer clear of all the circular sunglasses. They tend to amplify the sharp angular edges of your face; you end up looking thinner. Round face shape is excellent with square, rectangular, shield, and wrap shaped sunglasses. You might also consider a colorful frame for your sunglasses.

An ideal sunglass for a square face is one that neutralizes the sharpness of the jaw and the cheekbones. Go for round or oval-shaped sunglasses.

No discrimination, but the best face shape to have when choosing sunglasses is the oval shape. The smooth edges on the jaws and cheekbones combine with the regular forehead for a perfect face for glasses. Whether you are looking for a trendy, sporty, or vintage look, an oval face can always bring it to life. Just look for something that works well for you irrespective of the shape or frame. The world needs some of those pretty faces, so don't go overboard with the frame sizes. An ideal sunglass for the oval face runs from the eyebrows to the upper cheekbones.

Now that you cannot wear oversized sunglasses with oval faces, you might be wondering if you need them at all. Well, they are the specialty for the triangular faces.  A large, round, or square shape glasses goes a long way softening the sharp angles and bold lines. 

Bottom Line

Choosing sunglasses is not as hard as most people make it seem. All you need is to master your face sharp. Feel free to try on different sunglasses before purchasing. You can also look for the third opinion from a trendy looking person for assurance. If you get it right, Layoners sunglasses can quickly turn a simple outfit into a delicacy for the eye under the summer.

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