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Sex Positivity Anyone?

Let’s just be real for a second. Forget it, let’s get the edge off for a second, literally and hypothetically about sex. Why is there a stigma associated with the topic of sex? If people would open themselves up, I could foresee a chance of a future where mindsets, beliefs, and attitudes towards social classes and equality are closely derived because people have changed how they view sex. But it starts with one step. That’s the step towards living comfortably in one’s acceptance of their owns sexual stimulators. Everyone is comfortable enough to view a site such as Nu Bay and watch strangers bump nasties, but we can’t openly talk about it?

Tenga Co., one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of sexual wellness products is encouraging people to come to grips on the topic of sex positivity. During their New York Tenga Talks, an esteemed group of well diverse panelist shared their views and expertise on self-pleasure, equality, acceptance, and the future of sex as attendees get first-hand experience of their products.

As we celebrate Pride this June, the group of experts wants us to keep in mind the following:

  1. Don’t be an ally, be an accomplice. Allies don’t necessarily participate; we need people to be active

  2. For your next ice breaker, ask your guest when they last masturbated. We need to normalize the conversation in the way we talk about sex.

  3. Try new things, see what you like and learn.

Interested in learning more about Tenga products and want to continue the conversation from the event follow them on Twitter @TENGA_Global and Instagram @TENGA_Global.

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