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Respecting Diversity in Television Media: Comcast Adds Two New Afrocentric Networks

In these times any positive extension of the African American experience is welcome. Comcast`s addition of two new Afrocentric networks to their program distribution is excellent news. The African American owned independent networks are scheduled to launch on Comcast’s Xfinity TV in January 2019. AFRO and CLEO TV came out on top amidst numerous network pitches. These promising offerings will air tv shows and movies with an ethnic focal point. It’s good to know that a company like Comcast values and celebrates diversity. That’s always important.

CLEO TV is a female-focused network targeting racially diverse Millennials and Generation X audiences. Like its namesake Cleopatra, CLEO TV promises strong, thriving representations for women of color in today’s world. The culturally positive network promises a unique array of shows and movies in multiple genres. The lifestyle and entertainment content is tailor-made for the specific audience. CLEO TV is owned by Urban One, Inc., the leading African American owned multi-media company with a predominantly black and urban viewership. Their website appears here.

AFRO is a network created by Afrotainment that features grade A cultural entertainment from various genres. The company is located in Florida and owns eight networks as well as two television studios. To learn more about Afrotainment, please visit their website here.


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