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Rental Woes: What to Avoid When Looking For A New Home

Finding a new home for one's family involves a lot of crucial aspects. The dynamics of all families are different, hence, one needs to be quite thorough, researching the essential requirements that fulfill those needs.

So, what should be the priorities that families need to keep in mind when renting a home?

The, first and foremost, is the price. It is essential to make a realistic budget for the rent that needs to be paid. Tenants usually come across homes that they would love to rent - but it is out of their budget.

The best possible solution is to keep looking until you do find something that appeals to your aesthetic sense and does not strain your pocket.

The next aspect to consider is the location. The right location can result in huge benefits or major setbacks. Most families tend to look at the neighborhood, the closeness to schools and hospitals, the proximity to basic amenities, etc.

Closeness to good public schooling means that parents need not worry about transportation costs. Whereas, some families prefer to live away from hospitals and such, to avoid noise pollution.

Each family - be it a couple or a family with children, to gay couples or single parents, has their own perfect home in mind. The idea is to have a list of priorities that have to be met to satisfy the needs of the family.

It is vital to discuss pets early. Many families love pets. However, some people do not appreciate renting homes to people with pets. Therefore, it is a good idea to deal with such a sensitive issue beforehand.

Usually, rentals include white goods. White goods include washing machines, fridge, freezer, dishwasher, etc. These appliances must be inspected to ensure that they are in satisfactory working order.

Furthermore, it is important to ask before renting the deposit that needs to be paid. This is negotiable, however, sometimes the landlord refuses to budge on this amount.

Also, landlords can choose to withhold the deposit made by the tenant at the end of the tenancy agreement. This is a clause that should be discussed before the agreement is drawn up.

And, another query about the contract that needs to be clarified is if there is a release clause. The term release clause simply means that the tenant can pay a fee and be released from the tenancy contract. Certain conditions apply, such as finding another tenant or paying a certain amount of penalty for withdrawal, and tenants need to thoroughly read the contracts before signing it.

In addition, tenants can also ask the prospective landlord if they will re-paint the walls and provide the premises in good condition before handing the keys of the house over.

It is advisable to make up a list of your own requirements before house hunting, even if it is going to be a rental. Moreover, one can look up various websites for homes for rent and read up reviews to get a definite idea about the needs to be evaluated and the terms of a contract that one must be aware of.

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