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Regina Hall and Morris Chestnut star in “When the Bough Breaks”


It seems that the movie industry is really changing. There is a movement for diversity in the Entertainment industry and I’m here for it! Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall star in the suspense thriller When the Bough Breaks.

The movie, directed by Jon Cassar, depicts the story of a lovely married couple played by Chestnut and Hall have it all. They have the career, the big house, the money, everything everyone strives for. Now they are ready to have children and are having issues with conceiving a child. Their last resort is to place their last egg in a surrogate. But what happens when the surrogate becomes envious and dangerous. The thriller plays out the story of the couple trying to keep their baby alive inside a deranged woman.

This looks like it will be a great movie. It tassels with the problems that many couples go through with having a child and gives viewers the suspense they are looking for in a thriller. This isn’t the first time we have seen Morris Chestnut in this type of role as he did an amazing job in The Perfect Guy alongside Sanaa Lathan and Michael Ealy. This will be a new type of role for Regina King but I’m excited to see her portrayal of the character.

Check out the trailer below. When the Bough Breaks comes to theaters September 9th. Will you be watching?


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