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QG Model of the Week: Marion Mouton

This weeks QG Model is not just a man, he’s a Gentleman. Check out why he is our Quintessential Gentleman Model of the Week!

Name: Marion Mouton

Hometown: Bay Area, California

Occupation: Fit Model & Lifestyle Influencer

Career Goals: My Goal is to become a successful entrepreneur with various investments and businesses while making an impact as an influencer by using my platform to provide a framework of requirements that will promote accountability for men everywhere to treat women like the queens they are.

Hobbies: I’m very athletic and into fitness so I like to do things that challenge me to push myself all while getting a good workout. Just about any sporting activity such as basketball, football, bowling etc.  I’m also big on having a good time and doing things that I thoroughly enjoy. So activities like racing, dancing and skating are things I find interesting. I believe that as a man, it is important to be well-rounded so that you find more balance in your life.

Favorite Vacation Destination: California, because that is where I’m from; Brazil where the people are very friendly, so you’ll always have the chance to get to know someone. and Vegas because it’s Vegas!.

Why I want to be the QG Model of the week: To raise awareness about my platform as The Perfect Gentleman and share my mission which is to ensure that women everywhere are aware of their right to not only be loved but also experience the highest standards of love, romance, and affection, no matter what their race, religion, size or status.  

Instagram: @MarionMouton_

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