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QG Eats: Paces & Vine Restaurant

Paces & Vine Restaurant is the new comfort food home of Northwest Atlanta, but with a light, modern twist. Their classic comfort dishes like Guinness Braised Brisket and Spinach & Sausage Meatloaf appeal to those seeking familiar, homemade classics, but their broad selection of lighter, creative fare like Charred Octopus, Seared Scallops, and House Made Seafood Pasta deliver delicious, chef-driven cuisine for the discerning diner.

Paces & Vine has been opened for 2 years and remains the original restaurant. The locals and business professionals create a social, light and casual environment. Dave Green, Owner of Paces & Vine explains the culture as “a family type staff. Always looking for the right next person to bring on. Contributors that look to add to the business. A home feeling. Management works side by side the rest of the staff. Our staff cares about the restaurant as a whole, we have genuine diverse team thinkers.” Paces & Vine has a different menu depending on the time of day you visit. They tailor and change up their menus through the day to fit the time. They offer a smaller lighter menu 3-5pm while they also switch over to dinner.

Dave Green Owner of Paces & Vine Restaurant

The layout of the restaurant offers several spaces for special events and private dining. Check out some photos of the restaurant below.

Make sure you stop by Paces & Vine Restaurant located 4300 Paces Ferry Rd SE #250 in Atlanta. Every Wednesday Paces & Vine offers Wine Tasting as well as some educational points about the Wine. Click here for more information.


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