Play along with Oscars 2019 Bingo

The 91st Academy Awards is on Sunday and what better way to make your Oscars viewing party that bit more fun, than with a round of bingo! Research has actually proven that one of the reasons we play bingo online is because it’s fun and 55% of bingo players play while watching TV. So how about merging two popular pastimes into one? And what better way to play than while watching the biggest awards ceremony of the year – the Oscars. Despite being excitingly live, each year features a few familiar moments.

This year’s ceremony has been marred by controversy – from the show going host-less for the first time in 30 years following the Kevin Hart Twitter drama, to the Academy deciding to award several Oscars during the advert breaks (much to the dismay of Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón, whose hit Roma is nominated for 10 awards) and the numerous snubs, not least Bradley Cooper as director of A Star is Born. We expect to see all of these things mentioned during the show.

Seasoned professionals will know it’s all about luck when those balls are drawn, but we have some sure-fire bets of what to expect from previous ceremonies because, let’s be honest, there needs to be a winner!

So, join your family and/or friends; put on your best awards ceremony attire (or pyjamas if that’s what you’d rather); grab a cold flute of fizz (or whatever your preferred beverage is) and enjoy the ceremony. We’ve listed 25 scenarios we expect to see, so tick these off as you go. The winner is the first person to shout out when they hear or see each of the below and ultimately has the most wins by the end of the night.

Oscars 2019 bingo scenarios

1. A mention or joke or about the lack of host this year

2. A mention or joke about Kevin Hart’s omission

3. A mention of #metoo and/or Harvey Weinstein

4. Someone in your party asking “who’s that?”

5. Presenter fluffs line when reading from the card

6. Presenters speaking in unison

7. Censored swear word

8. Inappropriate laughing or cheering during a serious moment