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OWN Network Hosts “The Book of John Gray” Meet & Greet

OWN Network recently hosted a private Meet and Greet dinner at Simon’s restaurant in Atlanta. Guest gathered in an intimate setting for a first look at “The Book John Gray” Season 2. The 90-second sizzle reel gave a bird’s eye view of the Grays sharing their day to day life experiences and giving spiritual guidance to those that are looking to build their faith. VIP guests and press mixed and mingled while enjoying the delicious spread provided by OWN. Once the meal was completed, the attendees were privileged to a very transparent glimpse into the lives of the Grays.

Majority of the questions answered were directed toward faith, family, and community engagement goals. Pastor John and Aventer were so in tune with the audience and their questions that he became emotional. He shared that his emotions stemmed from reflecting on how far they’ve come since they made the decision to pursue this dream seven years ago. After the Q&A, Pastor John Gray shared a heartfelt speech which left the crowd feeling encouraged, inspired and eager to see what season 2 has to offer.

Tune in every Saturday at 10 pm on OWN.


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