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Oakland Mayor Claps Back at Las Vegas’ NFL and Oakland Raiders Hopes

Although it is a distinct possibility Las Vegas may have an NFL team in the coming years, we don’t know if it will be the Oakland Raiders.

After The Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee recommended raising the hotel tax  to help pay for a $750 million domed venue in September, Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf released a statement today according to NBC’s Ian Cull:

“I know that there is a lot of interest in what is going to happen with the Raiders, and whether Oakland can keep its team from being ripped away from the Bay Area fans for the second time.”

“If Oakland is going to be successful in offering the Raiders and the NFL a viable alternative to moving to Las Vegas, I have to stay clearheaded. I cannot afford for us to be thrown off our game because Nevada lawmakers have deemed it appropriate to put $750 million of the public’s money towards a private sports facility. While I’m committed to keeping the Raiders, I will not enter into a bidding war with Nevada using public funds.”

“That’s why I remained focused on working out concrete deal terms that dive the NFL’s owners an Oakland option to consider. I believe that in partnership with Alameda County and the team Ronnie Loft has assembled, we can offer a serious plan in the coming weeks that is fair to the Raiders, the league, the fans and the Oakland taxpayers to whom I am most responsible .”

As you can tell, nothing is concrete yet, as proponents of the stadium still need to win over the governor, the Legislature and at least three-quarters of NFL owners to even make the project a real situation.

Still, it is s significant milestone, especially for a city that has never had a professional football team in Las Vegas. With the increased popularity in gambling and fantasy football, Vegas seems like the perfect spot for an NFL team.


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