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New Travel Trend: Arrival Experiences and Check-in Perks

Everyone is traveling these days and there is so much competition for where travelers should lodge. From luxury hotels to Airbnb’s, vacationers have options. But these hotels below are doing just a little bit more to win their customers over. Check out the new trend of going above and beyond when travelers walk through the hotel doors.

Complimentary Foot Massages at Check-In…with a View!

Casa Palopó is nestled on the edge of Lake Atitlan in the Guatemalan highlands, overlooking the serene lake and its three majestic volcanoes across the shore. Upon arrival to this Mayan-inspired, fifteen-bedroom boutique hotel, guests are welcomed with a Rosa Palopó, a refreshing beverage made with hibiscus juice, fresh watermelon and lime, and then escorted to the hotel’s terrace, where a complimentary 10-minute foot massage is the perfect complement to the incredible view.

Breathe Easy, Sip Some Coca Tea

The check-in experience at the JW Marriott El Convento Cusco is anything but traditional-  guests are personally greeted and escorted to the Nina Soncco Lounge, where they are invited to sit by the fire and sip coca tea, a typical tisane made in the Andes to help guests adjust to Cusco’s high altitude, as associates take care of the check-in process. Additionally, all guest rooms are equipped with an oxygen enrichment system that is designed to keep guests breathing easy, rested and comfortable. Cusco is famously located a train ride away from the world-renowned ruins at Machu Picchu. From exploring the scenic, Sacred Valley of the Incas on horseback to wandering through the Maras salt mines, travelers will be fully immersed in all of the culture and adventure the region has to offer, with the JW Marriott El Convento Cusco as their home base.

A Warm Welcome at Check-In

Situated on Barbados’ platinum west coast, Colony Club is a timeless retreat for the discerning traveler. Upon arrival, guests are greeted with the cool ocean breeze from the open air lobby and Colony Club’s own Bajan Rum Punch. Served in a specially made glass jar atop a palm tray with ice and two rock glasses, this secret recipe is made fresh daily by the expert bartenders.

Flaming Moonshine at Check-In

This summer, travelers can turn up the heat upon checking into The DAYTONA, Daytona Beach’s newest boutique hotel, located directly across from the famed Daytona International Speedway. After checking in via iPad at the hotel’s second floor lobby (a.k.a. “The Grid,” due to the vintage show cars on display there), guests can head over to the property’s flagship bar, The Blue Flame, to catch the hotel’s signature Moonshine Lighting Ritual — a nod to the Prohibition era where Moonshine was lit on fire to determine its drinkability; a yellow flame meant the Moonshine was tainted, a blue flame meant it was good to drink.

Say Hello With Hot Towels and Hibiscus Tea

Following a flight and a short trip from the airport, guests at Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa are welcomed at check-in with a hot towel and a complimentary chilled glass of homemade Agua de Jamaica, a deliciously sweet and tart Mexican tea. Steeped in hibiscus and garnished with mint, this favorite agua fresca is loaded with vitamin C. Paired with a warm breeze felt through the open air lobby and clear views of the pristine Banderas Bay framed by the Sierra Madre mountains, guests will immediately be greeted with the sights, feels and flavors of Puerto Vallarta.

Arrive in Style…On Three Wheels!

Travelers checking into the chic beach resort, W Punta de Mita, will be whisked away on the resort’s unique tuk-tuks decorated with funky Mexican designs that pay homage to the local culture. The 3-wheeled motorized vehicles will take guests for a joyride down a winding, jungle-lined path to the resort’s Welcome Area before they head to their brightly decorated, surf-inspired suite. After settling in, guests can practice their paddle with professionals from the resort’s WAVE Surf Shop, enjoy treatments at the AWAY Spa or feast on made-to-order ceviche served from a vintage 1950s Chevy truck turned beachside bar.

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