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Mitchell Jones Celebrates his Journey During ATL Book Signing

On February 24, Pastor Mitchell Jones celebrated a new chapter in his own personal journey to becoming his true self. He was joined by friends and fans during an intimate sit down with T’Marie (It’s T’Marie Radio) for the official book launch of “The Journey to Authenticity: 8 Steps to getting the life you Desire”. You may remember Pastor Mitchell Jones from one of the most groundbreaking episodes of “Iyanla: Fix My Life” on OWN tv. The emotional, three-part episode, focused on the coming-out stories of two gay pastors. After the show he took bold steps toward confronting and confessing the truth after years of keeping secrets.

Mitchell was inspired to write “The Journey to Authenticity” as he realized that the journey to authenticity and freedom was costly, yet worth it. He wanted to communicate that message and the process to many that were following a similar path. This book will help any person that recognizes the need to move toward authenticity to become all that they are to be in the Earth, but are challenged by situations and circumstances that make it appear easier to remain average. Guests mixed and mingled through the evening while sipping on personalized cocktails from Mitchell Jones like “Get Yo Life”,” Heart’s Desire” and “Preacha Man“. Guests also had the chance to cherish moments from the evening with keepsakes from Say Cheese Atlanta who kept the photo booth experience live throughout the evening. Mitchell Signed copies, thanked people for supporting his journey while wishing everyone much success on their own personal journey.

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