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Miss QG: Alechia Reese

The Quintessential Gentleman presents to you this weeks Miss QG, Alechia Reese.

Miss QG is a platform created to highlight women who exemplify the unique qualities of a Queen. A woman that possesses not only beauty but intelligence. She has a sense of purpose, tenacity, and versatility that shatters society’s preconceptions.



Alechia Reese


Sarasota, FL.

Current Residence:

New York City.


Creative Strategist


Favorite Movie and Book?

The Notebook (I’m an uncover hopeless romantic) & The Aladdin Factor (I believe I create everything I desire and I ask for what I want because if I never ask, it’s always no)


Travel, read, do hair, and shop.

Favorite Vacation Destination(s):

Thailand. I plan to live there for at least a year of my life.

What do you look for in a Quintessential Gentleman?

A man who’s maximizing his potential, not just full of potential. I look for a man who can inspire me and we can grow together, pushing each other to greater successes. 



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