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Meet Byron V. Garrett. The Man Behind Valdecio

We have the pleasure of introducing the talent behind Valdecio, Byron V. Garrett. Owner, Byron Garrett, is a major player in the world of business and his fashion designs aim to provide clients with goods of exquisite quality and artistic style. The fashion forward designs are versatile enough for both work and play. “Whether that’s in corporate environments, in the community or within social settings. “It’s Not Clothing, It’s Art!”, he says. His designs are both modern and refined while still allowing men to showcase their individual style. 

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The Quintessential Gentleman caught up with Byron V. Garrett in our exclusive interview below:

What inspired you to start?

LIFE! I was so tired of people asking me about certain attire that I acquired that looked very stylish but represented other brands. So, I challenged myself to create a line that would represent who I was but would be functional, fashionable and transition amongst a variety of settings. I couldn’t always find that in-store. 

What keeps you motivated? 

Not being trendy but being timeless and having staying power. Seeing the reaction of those in my day-to-day as they see the line and I hear their “wow” response. It really fuels me to create and to continue pushing the line to see what else is possible. 

What does your fashion brand represent?

Valdecio represents the intersection of amazing clothing or fashion with an artistic flair for the person who lives life in a great way and wants their attire to reflect that. Whether that’s in corporate environments, in the community or within social settings. “It’s Not Clothing, It’s Art!”

Your collections seems to speak to the businessman on the go, is that accurate? If so, please tell us more about that?

It speaks to a variety of folks, in addition to the business man on the go. Like the athlete or entertainer going to an after 5pm event, a person of faith going to a reception or after-church occasion to be stylish but not traditionally dressed in suit and tie and also to the younger individual that wants to be hip and trendy but wants people to recognize that they know the value of looking the part and playing the part.

Where do you feel most creative?

I feel most creative when I am walking through the garment district, where I am most often in LA or as far as Dubai walking through the souks and finding inspiration. I get energized by seeing the sheer array and vastness of colors and textures and all of those pieces in one location. I just have a million ideas and pull fabrics to create a pair of pants or blazer. That’s definitely when and where i’m most creative, when i’m physically there on site touching and feeling the garment. 

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What did you draw inspiration from for your current line?

For the Fall line, the notion of the change of seasons and having a wardrobe that transitioned with the same level of ease and comfort but continually pops and makes a statement. Whether we’re in Fall with temperatures in the 50s and 60s or now in the throws of window, I wanted items that appealed to each of those segments of the year regardless of temperature or climate. 

What advice would you give to someone who would like to start a fashion business?

Work on your business plan and study your competition so you know the marketplace. 

What is a random and/or interesting fact about you?

I am the ultimate multi-tasker, spanning a variety of industries at the same time. Within one day I can transition from education, to the political landscape, to publishing, fashion, technology and the restaurant industry. It excites me to keep my days filled with the things that I have the most passion for. 

As you continue to make your mark in fashion, what’s next for your brand? What’s next is focusing on our marketing strategy to get great placements in boutiques and small shops across the country and securing incredible brand ambassadors while of course creating great materials! 

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